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ViewCom help

ViewCom TV delivers a wide range of TV and radio channels including entertainment, international channels, MTV music, news, movies and more, direct to your PC or laptop at TV broadcast quality.

TV broadcast quality on your PC - it's the future!

With full screen functionality and an extensive range of viewing features, this means there's no need to bring a portable TV from home - not only saving you money and desk space, but also one less thing for you to carry. 

How to use ViewCom

The ViewCom TV client is available for Windows and Apple PC and laptops, and will work via a WIRED internet connection only.

To download ViewCom for Mac click below:

Download for Mac

Please note: since OSX 10.14 Mojave, this software is no longer compatible. If your device remains on an older version of OSX it should work without issue.


To download ViewCom for PC click here:

Download for Win


The ViewCom player is automatically installed with a number of free channels. These are roughly the same as a standard Freeview TV offering. You can purchase additional channel packages by going to your account. For a complete list of channels, see here.

Once installed, simply log into the application using your StudentCom username and password. You can use your mouse cursor to navigate through channels.

You must have a TV license to use the ViewCom service.

Troubleshooting steps

Username/Password refreshes to blank

This means that either your username or password are incorrect. For details on how to get a username or password reminder, see here

Black or Purple Screen

This can be caused by one of a few things.

You must use a hard-wired Ethernet connection. The ViewCom application will not work over Wi-Fi. You can make sure you're not still using the Wi-Fi by turning it off on your device, plugging in your Ethernet cable, then opening your browser to log back into the network.

Sometimes your device's firewalls may be blocking the ViewCom application from establishing an outside connection. Try temporarily disabling them and retesting the app.

  • For Windows 10:

    Right click the Start menu > Select Control Panel > Click System and Security > Click Windows Firewall > On the left, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

    You may find a message telling you that these settings are being controlled by a vendor application. This means your Anti-virus includes its own Firewall, and you will need to turn it off through the software's settings.

  • For Apple Mac:

    Click on the Apple icon > Select System Preferences > Select Security and Privacy > Select the Firewall tab at the top > Click Turn Off Firewall.

If disabling the firewalls does help, please remember to re-enable them before you use any other public network.

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Contact the ServiceDesk

If the issue persists, we would be happy to assist you directly. You can either call us on 0333 123 0115, or alternatively you can email us some information, and we’ll contact you.
In your emails, answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem you are facing? Please be as descriptive as possible - are some channels working, or none at all? Can you see the channel information?
  • Do you get any error messages?
  • Have you noticed an issues with the internet connection generally?

Please send the us the answers to the above questions using the form below, and we will endeavour to get in touch as soon as we can. Please include either your Username or Account ID in the email.

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